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Punsiri Gems has been built upon industry benchmarked ethical processes. The company has ensured to uphold ethics since its humble beginnings. Gems are sourced from mines registered with government authorities, while the working environment is maintained to ensure the highest standard of safety measures. All put in place to ensure the health, wellbeing and safety of all employees.

The company carries out its operations to uphold the code of ethics of the industry while continuously working on improving an ethically sustainable supply chain. Punsiri Gems also contributes significantly by giving back to the industry to aid overall improvement. As one of the biggest brands in the industry, they contribute their expertise and insights to ensure that the industry maintains its high standards.

Partnering With Ethical Mines

The company partners with miners to purchase gems from government registered mines that ensure the safety and standards of all employees, and strict adherence to environmental standards. Gems are directly sourced from these mines and brought into the company for processing. Punsiri Gems has built relationships that have spanned over decades and hence only buys gems from trusted partners and sources.

Environmental sustainability

We place great value on our environment. We believe in sustainability, hence, we evaluate our gemstones for environmental sustainability and social responsibility. We source gems from government accredited mines and those that meet government standards. We use a renewable energy source, hence, all our factories have solar panels. We educate miners and the society on sustainable practices that can improve the environment and waste management.

Recognized ethical heating treatment

Punsiri Gems is dedicated to a higher standard of quality and heat treatment. Our heating treatment follows the best industry practices. Our processes are approved by the major labs all around the world. Punsiri Gems heating treatment was tested by industry experts and declared as being ethical. The company is renowned for the unique heating process that gives up superior quality gems. Upon heating treatment, the blue sapphire comes out bright and with higher quality than you would find anywhere else in the world.

Giving Back To Society

The company is invested in helping the gem and jewelry community by giving back to the community. Apart from providing best prices for the miners for the rough stones, Punsiri Gems gives back to the community by being a part of all the organizations and associations to protect the rights of the miners and dealers leading organizations, including the Sri Lankan Gem & Jewellery Authority and Lanka Gem dealers and Miners association.

A process crafted over years


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