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Punsiri Gems produces high-quality gemstone into the global market. Our company is a reputable and trusted Sri Lankan gem company. Producing the finest and the most precious blue sapphires, we have earned the reputation of being one of the largest suppliers of sapphires in the world, with great care taken to avail the finest and most beautiful gems.

Sourcing all raw stones directly from ethical mines, we pride ourselves on the large selection of sapphires that we have. We are in the business of converting rough stones to precious faceted gems and calibration to ensure that our customers find quality gems in sizes that fit perfectly. We guarantee responsible mining while contributing to the sustainability of our environment. Punsiri Gems helps you discover the true beauty of gems.

Punsiri gems produce natural heated & natural unheated gems, including Blue Sapphires, Yellow Sapphires, Pink Sapphires, Rubies, Alexandrites, Padparadschas, Cat's Eye,s Chrysoberyl, Spinel, garnets, Tourmaline, and Aquamarines, all of which are purchased as rough stones from the mines and transformed into high-quality cut and polished gems.

Humble Beginning To Industry Landscape

In 1986 Punsiri Tennakoon set off to settle down in Ratnapura the heart of gem industry Sri Lanka. This is where he learned how the industry. Since then the Punsiri Gems story is created around many valuable partnerships that lasts until this day.

Globally recognized for the Punsiri heating

Punsiri Gems are renowned for the unique heating process that produces superior quality gems. Punsiri discovered that heat treatment adds significant value to rough stones. His interest in this discovery prompted him to start his own heating experiments in gems. He found a way to heat the gem, so as to bring out the best blue out of blue sapphires. The color created was unique, beautiful, and wonderfully dispersed throughout the gem. It was at this time that allegations were made against Punsiri saying he must have used unethical treatment or must have added chemicals in the heat treatment. It was hard for many in the industry, including researchers to believe that heating alone could produce such bright and beautiful sapphires.

To prove the process is ethical and genuine, industry experts were brought to Punsiri’s home laboratory to witness his heating process. After which, they cleared their doubts, Punsiri’s heating methods were cleared of all the charges and the demand increased for the gems heated by Punsiri due to the world wide media attention given to this incident.

Part of Sri Lankan gem and jewellers association

After the Punsiri Heating was found to be ethical and of standard practice and all allegations were cleared in 2002, Punsiri Gems developed as a major brand in the industry. It became so unique that it helped in developing the entire Sri Lankan Gem & Jewellery industry.

Punsiri Gems became a brand that grew quickly. From selling rough stones to selling finished gemstones, it became an industry leader in a quick time. The company operates sales around the world and is one of the main suppliers of gemstones in the world.

Punsiri Gems has received several awards from organizations such as the Export Development Board of Sri Lanka for its contribution to exporting gems from Sri Lanka. Punsiri holds the Gem Segment Chairman position in the Sri Lanka Gem and Jewellery Association while helping the industry grow as a responsible market leader. He is also the Chairman of Lanka Gem Dealers and Miners Association.

The team behind

Punsiri Gems has a dedicated and skilled workforce behind its facets. It is a thirty man operation led by Punsiri Tennakoon and his son, Dinidu Tennakoon who is a GIA accredited gemologist. We foster close relationships and mentoring with employees and accept suggestions and feedback to improve the operations of the company. We also provide special training and communicate regularly about how to foster the growth of the industry. Our staff are friendly and well trained to attend to the needs of our customers.

Committed To Giving Back

Punsiri Gems is known for philanthropic efforts in Ratnapura, the base of its operations. It has uplifted the community and promoted goodwill through various efforts such as building wards at National Hospital in Ratnapura, providing numerous scholarships and making donations to various places of worship.
Punsiri Gems always goes the extra mile to take care of employees, people and the environment. The company does everything from volunteering to philanthropy to enrich its community. Dinidu conducts visiting lectures at the University of Moratuwa, a local University, to expand upon the broad base of knowledge of the trade.

Sourced ethically from mines


A process crafted over years