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Return Policy

The Return Policy

We offer money-back guarantee, for returns made within 14 business days of receipt of order subject to the shipping charges, & bank transaction charges being borne by the consumer and the following special conditions:


1. Once we receive the returned order, the product(s) will undergo a laboratory test to confirm the product(s) to be of original condition.

2. Punsiri Gems will not accept a refund if the product(s) have been set, scratched, chipped, fractured, treated, altered in any way inclusive of size measurements or is weighing differently.

3. Punsiri Gems will aim to process the refund of the original purchase value fixed at USD rate within 14 business days only where the product(s) are confirmed to be in original condition.

4. Where Punsiri Gems confirms the product(s) are in original condition, refunds will be made available within 14 business days. However, please allow up to one billing cycle for the transaction to show on your statement.

5. We reserve the right to decline returning service to individuals whom we feel we cannot properly accommodate.

6. The consumer is responsible for the shipping charges, any customs fees, taxes and duties owed in the consumer’s country.

Please note: we strongly recommend that you do not set your gemstone with any jeweler until you fully intend to purchase it.


1. Simply email the product ID, order ID and the reason for returning to support@punsirigems.com within 14 business days of receiving your order.

2. Upon receiving your email, we aim to reply within 14 business days via an email which shall include a notice bearing the Return ID number and instructions on how to contact a FedEx agent in your locality.

3. Return product(s) must be handed over to the FedEx agent within 7 business days of receipt of notice.

4. The return product(s) must be sent in original packaging along with the gemstone certificate, attaching our notice thereto. For security reasons, do not write "gemstones" or "jewelry" anywhere on the package.


Orders cannot be cancelled upon being confirmed. If you change your mind after the order has been confirmed, please follow the above stated return procedure.


In the event a parcel is received with damaged packaging, please do not accept the package. Report it to the courier and contact us immediately.