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Natural gems from the mines are taken through ethical processes to be converted into faceted stones. Rough stones are purchased directly from miners and taken through the preform, heating, cut & polish, sorting, and quality check in every stage of the process.

We have an in-house lapidary that takes care of the cutting and polishing process, utilizing state of the art technology and processes. All the processes are supervised to ensure the gems are taken through the standard industry processes. Punsiri Tennakoon & his son Dinidu Tennakoon are well invested in the processes and the stages of gemstone production. They do the purchasing, heating, sorting, and monitor all other processes by themselves to ensure the highest standards.

Sourcing From Ethical Miners

The company sources rough gemstones from miners who are ethical and are licensed by the government. Keeping up with its high ethical standards and procedures, the company has built relationships and partnerships with ethical miners in Sri Lanka that has spanned for decades.


Once a rough gem is bought, it goes through a preform process that is closely monitored by Punsiri and Dinidu. This involves a series of preforms to get the stone into shape and to get rid of inclusions. Preform involves the process of shaping and orienting the stones before faceting.

Calibrated Gemstones

Calibrated cuts in gemstones offer more value because they are cut with precision to fit perfectly. With our skilled cutting process, Gemstones from Punsiri Gems are perfect for jewelry designs with standardized specifications.

Calibrated gemstones have been cut to exact standard sizes that will easily fit into mounting without having to create a new mounting or customize one. At Punsiri gems, you will find blue sapphire gems in different sizes and 6 shades of blue, at the best prices. We have a reputation for a high precision cut, and our calibration guarantees great clarity, standard sizes and color specifications.

Applying The Punsiri Heating

Heating is a major process that Punsiri Gems uses to brighten the color and increase the quality of blue sapphire. If the color or hue is not satisfactory, the gem is heated to achieve the best blue color. Our heating is known to bring out the best color in gems. It is done through a technology that was innovated at Punsiri Gems.

Cut and Polish

The team at the lapidary plant cut and polish rough gems. The manufacturing team converts the rough stone to a facet which fits your jewelry. Gemstones from Punsiri Gems are a guarantee of the best possible shape, finest quality, and perfect cut that is completely unique.

Sorting Process

Gems are sorted out based on their characteristics and then added to the website. Color characteristics used in sorting include tone, purity of color, and saturation. The collection of gemstones on the website are sorted according to type, cut, shape, colors, size, clarity and other variables. The filter in the shop page which is connected to our sorting process, makes it easy to search through the gemstones on the website.

Sourced ethically from mines


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